So It Begins

by Penni L Smith on December 23, 2012

Hi. This will just be a short post to welcome you to and share what this site will be about.

PuLSeWrite is the home for much of my writing, fiction and non-fiction. (You’ll find the rest of my writing at Thoughts of, once I get that site up and running).  You can find information here on my various writing projects, and enjoy some of my short pieces.

As for this blog, I have no specific topic in mind.  I expect them to be eclectic. I may write about writing and editing, but I may also write about finances, photography, and even computer or software tips.  I encourage you to subscribe to my feed or visit the site regularly, as I am sure you will find some sort of helpful information you can use.

I will begin blogging in earnest next week.

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Mary Ellen December 27, 2012 at 7:31 AM

Good for you Penni, I’ll put your site on my favorites bar. I’m going to begin writing blog posts for my site and put them in a folder to use when my site is up and running. This was precipitated by a man I met over the holidays. He made a comment about truck drivers that had a kernel of truth in it however, when I explained one of the situations I dealt with, he kept telling me how stupid it was despite my explanation. So, I sat down and ripped off a blog to be posted based on his input.
I’ll get with you next week. I don’t do anything on New Years Eve, haven’t for a good many years, but go to bed at my regular time. Mary Ellen


Dotti December 27, 2012 at 9:39 AM

Just wanted you to know that I came on your site and am very excited for you
God Bless and prosper you
Love Dotti


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