The Complete Table of Contents Macro Set

Have you ever created a linked table of contents (ToC) in Microsoft Word? It can be a tedious process. Create a bookmark at the heading location. Go to the ToC location. Create a hyperlink using the bookmark and the text of the heading (you do remember it, right? Or, ideally, you copied it). Lather, rinse, repeat.

The Complete Table of Contents Macro Set does that tedious work for you. That entire process takes just a fraction of a second. Or, if you have formatted your book with a style for headings already, one pass will create the entire table of contents for you.

This set of macros is designed to work however you want to work. There are over a dozen options so you can get just the result you want. The main thing is that it is easy.

The Complete Table of Contents Macro Set comes with complete, step-by-step documentation that details how to install and use the product, including charts and descriptions to help you determine which macro to use.

The Complete Table of Contents Macro Set is in final testing, and should be released early in 2013. For more information, check back here, or visit

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