Call of the Ilnari

After a woman risks the dungeons by infiltrating palace grounds just to give him a message, a young king discovers that music genuinely can influence behavior–for good or evil.

Day after day, a woman comes to the palace, insisting she must see the king. She offers no explanation, saying only that she has a message for him. Desperate after repeated rebuffing, she finds a way onto the grounds. When she does see the king, however, she withholds her message, saying that he is not ready.

Living under the shadow of his deceased father’s popularity, afraid he will not rule as well, the young king wearies of the doubts of his advisors as he tries to handle a touchy situation with a neighboring kingdom.  When he encounters the woman, he finds her frustrating—and alluring; maddening—and intriguing. She is perceptive and wise, and unlike anyone he has ever known. And why does she have all those instruments? Those closest to him—his strong-willed sister and the commander of the guard—fear he is not using his head in dealing with the stranger.

The fantasy Call of the Ilnari is still in its early stages.

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