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Penni L SmithHere’s some background of the person behind PuLSeWrite.


In one form or another, Penni L. Smith has been a writer since elementary school.  She had a consumate love of words, and crafted a “language” called Grack she used with her friends.  She won an award from the Daughters of the American Revolution for a poem she wrote.  Her love of dogs came through in the story she wrote as an assignment to create a Greek-type myth:  “The Story of the Canis Familiaris and How It Got Its Name.”

Penni’s love of writing and making up stories continued through high school.  Enthralled with The Lord of the Rings, and especially the poetry throughout the books, she spent months on the rather-presumptuous task of turning the whole story into a poem (not a very good one). She also collaborated with a friend to create involved tales, and both created alphabets and languages they used to communicate.

Penni went to college to get a BA with an English major because she was told that was the degree to get if one wanted to be a writer.  She determined she would have her novel ready to publish by graduation. About junior year, she realized that wasn’t going to happen, and she wrote fewer creative pieces.


Penni fell into a different type of creative writing, using her skills to craft custom computer applications for her employers.  She also wrote detailed users’ guides to her programs, as well as other business writing. She is now a talented copywriter.  She also uses her technical skills to create small businesses website with great copy, and is known as The Word & Web Smith. Penni continues to write non-fiction of various sorts, and is working on a fantasy novel.


Like most writers, Penni is an avid reader. She devours mystery and detective fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction on many topics.  She also enjoys working on the computer, and playing video games.

Photography is another creative outlet. She used to do portraits and weddings. Now most of her photographs are of nature, events, friends, and her animals.

Penni lives in a small community in the Sierra foothills of northern California with her two dogs, Dash and Kiara-Alva, and her cat, Knick-Knack.


Why PuLSeWrite?  Early on, Penni took her initials—P,L,S—and thought of words that could be made from them, coming up with “pulse” and “plus” as those with the fewest vowel additions. “Pulse” seemed to be the more natural sound that came from trying to say, “PLS.” So she used “PuLSe” (and, for a while, Pulseth) as a nickname.  Of course, one wants a pulse to be right, so for author Penni, PuLSeWrite seemed the obvious choice for a site devoted to her writing.


Penni welcomes e-mails to pulse AT pulsewrite.com . (Use the @ symbol, of course, when addressing the e-mail, and remove the spaces. Writing out the address like this prevents robots from using the address.)  You may also use the contact form.

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